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Windshild Coverage


Idaho and Utah is notorious for having crummy roads year round. In the summer its road construction, in the winter is sand and salt from the snow melt. Either way it can make a quick trip to the grocery store an expensive one due to the pesky rock chip or crack you got on your way. After talking to local glass shops it can cost on average  $230 per vehicle to have your windshield replaced. (Price varies depending on year make and model of vehicle) To save you money, we here at First choice Insurance have companies that offer FULL GLASS REPLACEMENT with NO deductible! 

The companies who we are appointed with that offer full glass coverage is Progressive and Safeco insurance. If you aren’t insured with either of those two companies that is ok. All of the companies we are appointed with offer low deductibles for comprehensive coverage to make paying for a new windshield less expensive for you as the consumer.

Do all windshields need to be replaced? The answer to that is no. In fact, a lot of the chips that used to cause a window to need to  be replace can actually be fixed due to new techniques and better products used by a windshield specialist. The best way to find out if a window needs to be replaced or if the chip/crack can be fixed is to go to a local glass shop and ask. Don’t know of anyone or don’t know who to go to? Call us and we can give you the phone number of a couple shops who can help you out. Keep in mind as well, in order to have a windshield fixed or covered by your insurance you need to have full coverage or at least comprehensive coverage on the specific vehicle that is having the issue.

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