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Scheduling Personal Property

Did you know that almost all home insurance companies limit coverage on some of the most valuable items inside your home? You are probably aware that your home insurance policy includes a substantial limit for personal property (usually 50% or 70% of the replacement value of your home) but did your agent talk to you […]

Accident Forgiveness

A hodgepodge of marketing campaigns over the last decade have introduced a variety of “bells and whistles” aimed at distinguishing one insurance company from the next. Perhaps most notable among these options is the now-famed accident forgiveness. The option might sound good, but how much is it really needed, and under what circumstances? Here’s a […]

Windshild Coverage

Idaho and Utah is notorious for having crummy roads year round. In the summer its road construction, in the winter is sand and salt from the snow melt. Either way it can make a quick trip to the grocery store an expensive one due to the pesky rock chip or crack you got on your way. […]

Did you know that your home insurance does not cover Flood Insurance?  Generally speaking most home insurance policies exclude surface water that comes into the house.  Unfortunately, most people think their only option to purchase flood insurance is through the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program).  The reason this fallacy exists, is because most insurance agencies […]

Are you wondering what it’s going to cost to add a youthful driver to your policy? Well, there are many different factors that determine the price of adding on a youthful driver. Some of the main factors are – age, male/female, driving experience, and driving record are a few that are considered when determining the […]

A Common Car Insurance Question

I often get asked “if I buy a new car this weekend, will it automatically be covered under my insurance policy, or do I need to contact my insurance company before coverage can be provided?” Although I cannot speak for all insurance companies, many companies will extend the broadest form of coverage that is on […]