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Are you wondering what it’s going to cost to add a youthful driver to your policy?

Well, there are many different factors that determine the price of adding on a youthful driver. Some of the main factors are – age, male/female, driving experience, and driving record are a few that are considered when determining the risk.  As soon as a youthful driver is licensed they must be added to your policy.  As a youthful driver gets older some companies will give a better rate if there has been no negative driving history. 


When and how can a youthful driver be removed?

 When removing a youthful driver most companies require documentation that the youthful driver is no longer in the household or has other insurance.  Documentation needed can be a rent receipt, utility bill, vehicle registration, payroll stub, or a declarations page from their current insurance company.  If you have any questions regarding a youthful driver contact your insurance agent.